For our office in Berlin, we are looking for a talent with excellent writing skills. Green hydrogen and our distributed electrolysers are poised to disrupt the oil and gas industry. This story is still largely untold and we are at the very beginning and need support in shaping and sharing it.

We are not necessarily looking for a super expert who knows everything about hydrogen, but an inspired person who understands why hydrogen and Enapter are disruptive. We are looking for talent, eager to tell this story and grow with us. If you are up to the task, let us know why and how!


  • You will help us tell the story and will write texts in different forms and for different purposes (online, print, social, internal) about Enapter and hydrogen
  • We need someone hands-on to start writing straight away, but the role can develop into extending our reach via freelancers or PR agencies for specific tasks

Remote and part-time work is an option.


  • Awesome writing skills in English and German
  • Versatility with the ability to write headlines, as well as short and large pieces
  • Capable of explaining complexities in a simple way
  • A great sense of humor which the reader can feel in your texts
  • A desire to find meaning in your work